Compression Spring

Coil spring for compression force

Compression spring

A compression spring is a pushing coil spring (pusher spring) that generates a counterforce for compression force. The force of a normal straight coil spring increases linearly based on the compression distance. We use cutting-edge CNC production equipment that enables the manufacturing of extremely challenging spring shapes in addition to conventional compression springs and other coil springs. Possible applications include hose protectors, spring pipe benders, stove handles and vibration springs.

Compression spring characteristics

  • compression springs have a linear spring rate
  • generate a counterforce for compression force
  • compression springs can be barrel-shaped, cylindrical or conical
  • materials include spring steel, oil-quenched spring steel and galvanised, stainless and acid-proof spring wire as well as other special steels, such as heat-resistant spring steel
  • several coating options, such as zinc plating, Delta coating, nickel plating and gold plating.
  • wire diameters can range between 0.2 and 20.0 mm
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