Conical Spring

Pushing coil spring that compresses into a very flat profile

Conical spring

A conical spring functions as a pushing coil spring in normal use. It differs from a normal compression spring in that a conical spring can be compressed into a very flat profile. With the right dimensioning, the coils of a conical spring fold into each other, compressing the length of the spring to its wire diameter (Lc=d), or completely flat. Possible applications of conical springs include battery springs, stove handles and vibration springs.

Conical spring characteristics

  • the force of a conical spring increases progressively as the coils compress
  • it is possible to manufacture demanding conical spring shapes, such as battery springs, barrel springs or vibration springs
  • materials include spring steel, oil-quenched spring steel and galvanised, stainless and acid-proof spring wire as well as other special steels, such as heat-resistant spring steel
  • tin bronze is also used for battery springs
  • the most common coating options for battery springs are gold plating and gloss nickel plating
  • wire diameters can range between 0.2 and 9.0 mm
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