Wire Parts

Complex three-dimensional wire parts

Wire parts

Jurvan Jousi has extensive experience in manufacturing wire parts. Our cutting-edge wire machines enable us to produce complex three-dimensional parts, or wire form springs. Our butt and TIG welding machines enable us to manufacture pull loops and other integral pieces. Wire product parts can serve as a flexible product element, transmit power, affix a piece or work as a switch or an antenna. For example, wire parts are used as replacements for flat parts in affixing LED lights.

Wire part characteristics

  • a wire part enables fast and flexible product development without tool costs
  • in many cases, a wire part replaces a conventional flat part, speeding up the process
  • materials include spring steel and galvanised, stainless and acid-proof spring wire as well as steel, copper, brass, tin bronze, aluminium, etc.
  • wire diameters can range between 0.2 and 12.0 mm
Contact us early, during the product design stage, and we will get your springs straightened out. Explore our wire part selection below and request a quote.