Flat springs and flat parts to customer specifications

Flat springs and flat parts

To make flat springs and various flat parts, we use an eccentric press of up to 65 tonnes. This press also allows us to shape soft materials, such as regular steel as well as stainless and acid-proof steel. Small sets are made with general-purpose tools. For large sets and complex parts, we manufacture the cutting and bending tools and progressive dies in-house. We have almost 40 years of experience in designing and making tools.

Flat spring and flat part characteristics

  • flat springs can pack a lot of force and flexibility into a small space
  • spring bands of specific length and, for example, round-edge spring bands can be sourced quickly and reliably in Europe
  • the most common materials are stainless steel, black spring steel (C75) and regular steel
  • we also make flat parts from tin bronze
Contact us early, during the product design stage, and we will get your springs straightened out. Explore our selection of flat springs and flat parts below and request a quote.
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